County Down Grand Black Chapter

Instituted 1846


This page is dedicated to the memory of those Sir Knights who have recently passed away.
Their names will remain on the Roll for one year and one day, which will allow you to visit from time to time, and if you wish, to pray for their families and friends who so acutely feel their loss.


 Sir Knight James Elliott RBP 1013 Died 10th March 2018

 Sir Knight Robert J Lavery RBP 51 Died 2nd January 2018

Sir Knight Bennett Ferguson PM RBP 684 Died 7th October 2017

Sir Knight Norman Allen RBP 402 Died 5th October 2017

Sir Knight John Tener PM RBP 784 Died 17th July 2017

Sir Knight Fred Scott RBP 73 Died 24th May 2017

Sir Knight Samuel Kerr RBP 73 Died 9th May 2017