County Down Grand Black Chapter

Instituted 1846


This page is dedicated to the memory of those Sir Knights who have passed away.

The list below contains only the names which have been provided by respective District Registrars, and not a complete list of Sir Knights who have passed away.


Sir Knight Ferris Rowan RBP 542, Deputy District Treasurer, Past District Master Bangor RBDC, Passed Away 19th September 2022

Sir Knight Stephen Black RBP 27, Passed Away 7th March 2022

Sir Knight David George Thompson RBP 689, PM, Passed Away 8th November 2020 (aged 95)

Sir Knight Mervyn Wilson RBP 137, Past Standard Bearer, Passed Away 12th October 2020

Sir Knight Thomas Sergeant RBP 119, in his 71st year of service to the Institution, Passed Away 18th August 2020

Sir Knight James Heyburn PM Royal Black Knights of Patrick RBP 146, Passed Away 30th July 2020

Sir Knight Thomas (Tom) Cosgrove RBP 131, Passed Away 17th May 2020

Sir Knight Norman McKeag PM RBP 186, PDM Comber RBDC No. 10, Past County Pursuivant, Passed Away 8th May 2020

Sir Knight John Edward (Ian) Hawthorne RBP 402, PM, PDM, District Censor, County Grand Sword Bearer, Passed Away 4th May 2020

Sir Knight Raymond Chambers RBP 131, PM, Standard Bearer, Pursuiviant, Past District Pursuiviant, Passed Away 30th April 2020

Sir Knight Ronald (Ron) Pedlow, PM Largymore Star of the North RBP 198, PDM Largymore District No 9, Passed Away 20th March 2020

Sir Knight Andrew Johnston RBP 402, Passed Away 20th December 2019

Sir Knight Leslie Irvine RBP 402, Passed Away 16th December 2019

Sir Knight William (Billy) Harris PM RBP 784, PDM Bangor No. 13, Passed Away 14th November 2019 (aged 99)

Sir Knight Richard Tener PM RBP 784, Passed Away 27th July 2019

Sir Knight Alex Hunter PM RBP 3, Passed Away 21st Oct 2019

Sir Knight Joe Russell RBP 994, Passed Away 6th July 2019

Sir Knight Albert Magill RBP 978, Passed Away 25th May 2019

Sir Knight Walter Copeland RBP 402, Passed Away 15th March 2019

Sir Knight Thomas Cleland RBP 998, Passed Away 13th February 2019

Sir Knight Matt Totten RBP 3, PDM Ballynahinch No 5, PM 1st County Down Temperance RBP 3, Passed Away 22nd August 2018

Sir Knight Herbert (Herbie) Hawthorne PM RBP 131, Hon Imperial Deputy Grand Master, Past County Grand Lecturer, Past District Lecturer, Passed Away 5th June 2018


The years go by, the generations pass, but we shall never willingly let die the memory of those who have past.