County Down Grand Black Chapter

Instituted 1846


This page is dedicated to the memory of those Sir Knights who have passed away.


Sir Knight Joe Russell RBP 994 Died 6th July 2019

Sir Knight Albert Magill RBP 978 Died 25th May 2019

Sir Knight Walter Copeland RBP 402 Died 15th March 2019

Sir Knight Thomas Cleland RBP 998 Died 13th February 2019

Sir Knight Matt Totten RBP 3, PDM Ballynahinch No 5, PM 1st County Down Temperance RBP 3, Died 22nd August 2018

Sir Knight Herbert (Herbie) Hawthorne PM RBP 131, Hon Imperial Deputy Grand Master, Past Co Down Grand Lecturer, Died 5th June 2018



The years go by, the generations pass, but we shall never willingly let die the memory of those who have past.

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